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Parkside is a family owned, Queensland based Hardwood Sawmilling company which prides themselves in state of the art production of decorative, structural and joinery hardwood products. Parkside is the largest user of the Queensland Spotted Gum species, while also sawmilling a range of Ironbark, Forest Red and Queensland Light coloured hardwood species.

The Parkside business consists of four green sawmills and a large technologically advanced hardwood dry mill which specialises in producing quality finished products. Take this link for more information on the dry mill. The primary hardwood products Parkside produce are set into two key categories - Green of Sawn Structural (GOS), and Dried finished products which include Decking, Flooring, Joinery, Shiplap or Chamferboard and Engineered Hardwood products.

Parkside are passionate about servicing their customers with high quality products as they understand that their products are what add value to your projects.

Please feel free to contact us and we will help you find your local stockist and expert on Parkside Hardwood products.


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